To become a member please Download CSIFNS Membership Form  and mail the form and applicable fees to the CSIFNS mailing address.


There are four classes of members in the Society: regular members, student, associate and honorary members.


The term members refer to structural part of the Society or eligible individuals, who have joined and participate in Society’s activity and enjoy rights pursuant to the articles of Society and bylaws. These rights also include election of the Board of Directors of the Society.

  • Active Member: A member is considered an active member who has positive contribution to the Society and whose membership has not been terminated.
  • Student Member: Students applying for student membership must be enrolled in a food or nutrition science programs and or related fields approved by an appropriate Canadian accrediting institution as defined by the Academy´s Commission on Education. In order to maintain student status members must identify a faculty member who can verify your full-time enrollment status. Students are encouraged to take an active role in Society’s activities and receive access to benefits at greatly reduced fees as compared to full members and nonmembers.
  • Associate members: A person, company or corporation who is required to be registered as an associated person with the Society within the meaning of the term “associated member” and pays nominal dues to the Society in support of the Society and enjoy the benefit of their participation under the Society’s Articles and Bylaws.
  • Honorary Members: An honorary member is a person having distinctive accomplishments in food and nutrition science, industry, research or public service of national or international reputation and highly respected personalities who are not members of the Society. A candidate for honorary membership may be conferred on a living citizen of any country, must be proposed by at least three members. Honorary member receive complimentary lifetime membership to the Society.

Current fees:

Regular Membership (including: Individuals, Associates and Organizations): $50 CDN

Student Membership: $25 CDN

Member Benefits:

  • By joining CSIFNS you will be connected to your professional colleagues through online forums, seminars, lectures and discussions in food and nutritional sciences, and related areas. This networking will provide the opportunity among members to share their valuable experiences, solve problems whether it is looking for a job or studying in Canada .
  • Get assistance in improving your skills and techniques to obtain licensing through education, carrying out special studies and research which will help you reach your career goal.
  • Keep current of business community and governmental organizational news with respect to significance and importance of nutrition, food safety, food guidelines and health related issues.
  • Get expert answers to technical questions by being part of CSIFNS’ various technical committees and get closer to making the Society work for you. Always be the first to know of upcoming meetings and hot topics. Gain valuable business referrals and on line job postings. Find internships, post your resume, or job listing with CSIFNS’ online career center
  • Industry members will have an opportunity to learn about issues facing the food and nutrition industry and seek professional and academic advise from the society.
  • In today´s food science and technology environment, having access to consumer and research trends, regulatory developments, new products, new competitors, and new partners are essential elements of success for you and your business.

Bylaws regarding membership:

Membership cancellation:

Any member may withdraw from membership at any time by giving notice in writing to the Directors (sent to the Secretary) and the withdrawal shall be effective from the date fixed in such notice for withdrawal, but such withdrawal shall not relieve such member from any liability to the Society for dues or assessments then due and outstanding, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any other assessment or financial obligation incurred by such member to the Society.

Transferability of Membership:

Membership is not transferable under any circumstances.

Membership fees and fiscal year:

The annual membership dues shall be collected by Society and assessed annually. For full and student members amount of the membership fee will be recommended by the Board of Directors, at a duly convened meeting of such directors. Such recommendation must be approved by a majority of the members of the Society convened for such purpose. The presence of 50%+1 of directors shall make a meeting official. The membership shall coincide with Society’s fiscal year. The payment of dues each year will be renewed automatically for active and associate members. The society must receive such fees by December 31 of each year.

Members whose dues records are delinquent for two (2) consecutive years at the end of the annual meeting will be considered to have resigned from the Society and will be deleted from the mailing list of the Society. Reinstatement will require the payment of current dues and the delinquent dues of the previous years.

Changes in dues shall be made by the Executive Committee, subject to approval of the Board of Directors.

Honorary members shall be elected for life.

Honorary members shall not pay dues but may retain active status if eligible.